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Chi Nei Tsang (internal organs massage)

A lucid dialogue with yourself
Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a penetrating Taoist practice, it goes right to the root of your energy system: the internal organs. As soon as you open the sensitive connection with them, you will discover a whole Universe within you, you will find the most subtle and also the crudest messages that your body keeps.

The CNT is massage, meditation, listening, giving … turned into the depth of your interior they will open your eyes (inside) to enter to play with the energetic movements that each one of your organs emanates, with their physical, emotional and mental resonances .

With the awakened power of the smile, at your own pace, you will conquer the peace that only flourishes with internal coherence.

The CNT works to clear stagnant deep energy that flows through you in a natural and balanced way. It is a work in the abdominal center that brings well-being and consciousness to the entire body and to all levels of our Being.

With love and respect, without haste and without pause, The Chi Nei Tsang facilitates alliance with the compass that you have within.

If you surrender, and you go on and on, you will become a good gardener of your wild Temple, you will see your life more and more clearly. To the extent that you feel you can soften and release the brakes that prevent you from living the fullness of Your nature.

If you want to play at being alive, Chi Nei Tsang does not give you truce.


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